Cutaneous Oncology: Talking Points


Marc Brown, MD

Here are some of the key points from Dr Brown’s presentation at MauiDerm NP+PA Summer 2014….

  1. High risk parameters for BCC include location on the central face, larger size, recurrence, prior radiation and aggressive histology.


  1.  High risk histology for BCC includes the following:  infiltrating, morpheaform, micronodular, basosquamous, sclerosing, desmoplastic, and perineural invasion.


  1. Risk factors for the development of SCC include:  UV light exposure, X ray exposure, HVP infection, immunosuppression, chronic non-healing or inflammatory wounds, an rare genetic syndromes.


  1. High risk locations for SCC are ear, lip, genitalia and scalp.


  1. Other risk factors for aggressive SCC include:  poorly differentiated histology, depth of invasion, perineural invasion, size (greater than 2 cm.).