Materials for the Maui Derm NP+PA Winter 2014 symposium are available for attendees of the live conference as password protected pdf files. Please note, this encryption may lead to problems if you are trying to open the slides on a mobile device such as an iPad or smart phone or if you attempt to view the slides in your browser.

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  • Panelists – Cutaneous Oncology 1
  • Panelists – Cutaneous Oncology 2
  • Rosen – Literature Review
  • Rosen – Infectious Disease
  • Sontheimer –  Autoimmune Connective Tissue Disorders
  • Strober & Bobonich – Psoriasis:  Diagnosis and Management
  • Strober, Young & Blauvelt – Psoriasis Cases
  • Strober – Psoriasis:  Emerging Cases
  • Tsao – Pigmented Lesions
  • Webster – Acne Rosacea 1
  • Webster – Acne Rosacea 2
  • Webster – Acne Rosacea Core
  • Zirwas – Contact Dermatitis Workshop
  • Zirwas – Contact Dermatitis Update
  • Zirwas – Dermatitis Overview
  • Zirwas – Systemic Meds
  • Zirwas – Take-home Points