Maui Derm 2016 Highlights: Leaders in Industry

G. Martin, MD
P. Berns
T. Curran
J. Duffey

Pharma Industry Leaders Defend Against Biosimilars:

Industry leaders from AbbVie, Celgene and Anacor believe that they will able to defend current branded biologic products against biosimilars. AbbVie is expected to defend Humira against biosimilars in inflammatory diseases through 2022.

These industry leaders explained that cutting costs for branded drugs will not increase patient access. Drug price is not a primary determinant of access. Food for thought?

Prompt updating of guidelines to include important new therapies will aid negotiations with payers to improve patient access. Dermatologists are too slow in updating treatment guidelines. Can work on this via Maui Derm?

Manufacturers believe that appropriately delivered direct-to-consumer advertising provides useful and accurate information to patients and may even promote adherence to therapy.