Gordon Day, R. Ph., PA-C

Gordon Day, R. Ph., PA-C

Guest Speaker

Gordon Day is a board certified physician assistant. He obtained his PA training from the University of Utah in 1986, and initially practiced Family and Emergent Medicine. He has had additional training in dermatology surgery and has been practicing dermatology for over 15 years with Dr. Orme and cares for both pediatric and adult patients.

Gordon was initially trained as a Pharmacist at the U of U, graduating in 1975 and practiced pharmacy in remote places like Nome, Alaska, developing pharmacy systems for Eskimo villages around the Bering Sea, as well as in the four-corners are of Utah for the Navajo people. He is a licensed pilot and flew himself to many of these remote site in his own airplane.

Gordon has held many national and state appointed and elected positions in professional organizations for the PA profession and recently completed a governor appointed position as Chairman of the Physician Assistant Licensing Board.

Mr. Day presents at the following Maui Derm events: