Core Principles of Surgery: Clinical Pearls

Victoria Lazareth, MA, MSN, NP-C, DCNP

What are the key takeaway points with regards to surgery?

  1. Anticipate persistent ooze with NSAIDS;
  2. Anticipate aggressive lesions in OTRs & CLL patients;
  3. Prep surgical field much wider than anticipated;
  4. HibiClens is potentially ototoxic and occulotoxic; consider iodine prep;
  5. Increase patient comfort by injecting buffered lidocaine intradermally first, then injecting dermal tissue;
  6. Beware of high-risk sites (temple, jaw, lateral neck);
  7. Patients will lose/ forget/ ignore wound care instructions; plan accordingly;
  8. Provider will lose a sample/ forget to communicate a result/ ignore a surgical complication at some point; prepare accordingly.