Toxins: Part 2


What’s New? Are there differences?

Michael Gold, MD


New concepts and new information

The global medical aesthetic market is expected to grow 10.8% per year between 2010 an 2015 and many other companies throughout the world are beginning to develop toxins. The clinical trials used to be FDA approved have changed since Botox was approved.  For example: the Xeomin trial was different, i.e., a two- point improvement on a four-point wrinkle scale by both the investigator AND the patient. as opposed to a 1 point improvement in the initial Botox clinical trials

It is important that practitioners use branded products from legitimate companies that are either FDA approved in the US or CE marked in Europe, or received regulatory approvals in your country.  There are various unbranded and fake products out there; however, clinicians should use caution with regard to the use of these products due to safety and efficacy issues.