The Aesthetic Consult: Clinical Pearls


B. Kent Remington, MD

What is the “real reason” our patients want to look better? Dr Remington provides key takeaway points on his aesthetic consult…

  • Aesthetic physicians are essentially “Image Enhancers” as the patients self image, self esteem and self concept have a direct impact on how they feel about themselves. A youthful appearance is the best thing you can wear. It is therefore paramount at some time in the consult to find and point out the patients positive facial features.
  • The main purpose of all Facial Aesthetic consults is to find the “Real Reason” why your patient wants to look better – it is almost always very little to do with the initial stated reason.
  • It is important to focus on the aesthetic patient that has a great interest and desire to look more youthful. This patient may not have the winning ticket for the best genetic lottery pool or be on a unlimited budget. It’s not their hormone level or the size of their wallet. It’s the wiring of their DNA some patients are just wired for aesthetics.
  • We –like are patients look with our eyes, but we see with our brains. The eye also sees what it wants to see. Most patients have severe selective monofocus. The patient’s perception of reality and reality are often not the same. Our focus is the whole face and converting patients to looking at the whole face and starting a renovation project is like restoring a painting – step at a time.
  • Aging and getting older is not a choice – looking younger is a choice – doing nothing is also a choice,
  • Faces are all about genetics, genetics are all about biology, biology is about physiology, physiology is about physics, physics is all about mathematics – therefore faces are all about Math — this is not left brain math but right brain math. Creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary are all fruits of good mathematics combined with art.
  • Aesthetic clues are like fish in the water – the fish are not aware of the water – they don’t see it or feel it. This is the same with many Aesthetic Physicians during the consult they do not connect with the patient and engage the patient – two essentials to a high consult to treatment percentage.
  • Photography – if possible a dedicated room with the same consistent light and background and camera settings. It cannot be understated the importance of a “baseline pretreatment” photos front view – ¾ views and profiles repose and animated.
  • Have all your aesthetic consults being in a good resolution facial photo in their 20’s to scan with their current photos taken in your clinic– not trying to make them look 20, but the importance of comparing past balance proportion harmony and symmetry to the present– or lack of. This whole exercise helps patients understand why we look at and treat the whole face.