Infectious Disease Update: Clinical Pearls


Stephen Tyring, MD, PhD, MBA

Dr Stephen Tyring provides us with key takeaway points from his presentation on Infectious Disease…

  • The recently approved HPV vaccine protects against 9 HPV types.
  • Helicase/primase inhibitors are safe and effective against HSV strains that have developed resistance to nucleoside inhibitors.
  • Therapeutic HSV vaccines are showing promise in clinical trials.
  • Coxsackievirus A6 is causing hand-foot-mouth disease in adults and producing more severe symptoms than in children.
  • Onychomadesis is a unique late sign of Coxsackievirus A6 infection.
  • Ebolavirus is a potentially lethal filovirus that produces mucocutaneous signs, e.g. ecchymoses and petechiae, late in the clinical course.
  • Ebolavirus is transmitted via infected body fluids.
  • Several new drugs and vaccines are being studied to manage ebola.
  • Chikungunya is a togavirus carried by mosquitoes that has spread rapidly throughout the Caribbean, southern United States and northern Latin America in the past year.
  • The most important symptoms of chikungunya are extreme joint pain and fever, and the most common cutaneous sign is erythematous macules.