2013 Conference Downloads

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Materials for Maui Derm 2013 symposia are available for attendees of the live conferences as password protected pdf files. Please note, this encryption may lead to problems if you are trying to open the slides on a mobile device such as an iPad or smart phone or if you attempt to view the slides in your browser.

For best results, download the presentations to your computer by right-clicking on the “download” link and selecting “Save target as….” (IE), “Save link as…” (Chrome/Firefox) or “Download linked file as…” (Safari). You can then open the PDF with an application such as Acrobat Reader.

Please note that reproduction, recreation or other unauthorized use of this content is prohibited.

NP+PA Winter

Rosen, Friedlander-Fallon: Infectious Disease Update – unavailable
Bhatia: Clinical Update: “My Approach to Treating Disorders of Pigmentation and Redness” – unavailable
Rosen: Key Oral and Genital Lesions – unavailable
Friedlander-Fallon,Treat: Pediatric Dermatology – unavailable
Kavanaugh: Connective Tissue Disorders
Rosen, Martin: Connective Tissue Disorders – unavailable
Swanson, Brown: Surgical Boot Camp – unavailable
Martin, Swanson, Rosen, Bhatia: Cutaneous Oncology
Kavanaugh: Autoimmunity, B-Cells and the Latest Therapies Used to Treat Autoimmune Diseases – unavailable
Zone: Immunobullous Diseases
Blauvelt: Immunology in Dermatology Update
Blauvelt: Challenging Clinical Scenarios in Psoriasis – unavailable
Kavanaugh (2): Challenging Clinical Scenarios in Psoriasis
Strober: Challenging Clinical Scenarios in Psoriasis
Young: Challenging Clinical Scenarios in Psoriasis
Aldredge: Clinical Pearls
Young, Holyoak, Day: Clinical Pearls – unavailable
High: Dermatopathology Review – unavailable
Rosen, Bhatia, Swanson, Kilmer, Martin, Brown: Benign Tumors… Continued from 2012 – unavailable
Marghoob, Tsao: Pigmented Lesion Clinic
Gold, Kilmer: Update on Toxins and Fillers – unavailable


Tsao: Dermatology in Review – unavailable
Martin: Cutaneous Oncology Panel
Swanson: Cutaneous Oncology Panel
Stockfleth/Rosen/Bhatia/Brown: Cutaneous Oncology Panel – unavailable
Tsao: Pigmented Lesion Clinic – unavailable
Marghoob: Pigmented Lesion Clinic
High: Pigmented Lesion Clinic
Flaherty/Frieden/Tanabe: Pigmented Lesion Clinic – unavailable
Blauvelt: Infectious Disease Update
Gupta: Infectious Disease Update – unavailable
Gilchrest: Molecular Mechanisms of Aging
Anderson: Emerging Technologies in Dermatology
Cole: Sunscreens
Kroshinsky: Great Cases from the Consult Service at MGH – unavailable
Zone: What’s New in Immunodermatology?
Friedlander, Frieden: Pediatric Dermatology
Eichenfield: Pediatric Dermatology
Treat, Cordoro: Pediatric Dermatology – unavailable
Webster: Acne & Rosacea
Shalita: Acne & Rosacea
EichenField, Baldwin, Strober: Acne & Rosacea – unavailable
Blauvelt: Immunology Update 2013
Baldwin: Keloids
Kavanaugh: Psoriasis Update
Strober/Leonardi/Gordon/Blauvelt: Psoriasis Update – unavailable
Zone: What’s all the Fuss about Gluten?
Benabio: Reputation Management
Gold: Toxins: What’s New?
Cohen: Toxins: What’s New? – unavailable
Cohen: Complication using Dermal Fillers – unavailable
Goldman: Sclerotherapy
Ross: Lasers and Light Devices
Ibrahimi: Lasers and Light Devices
Gold: Blasting away Pigment
Kilmer: Blasting away Pigment
Nelson: Blasting away Pigment
Parrish: Kahuna Award Lecture
Laser Faculty: “Killing those Vessels Softly” – unavailable
Avram: Tightening Tissue and Zapping Fat
Gold: Tightening Tissue and Zapping Fat
Gold: Combining Lasers with Toxins and Fillers
Laser Faculty: Abstract Presentations – unavailable
Laser Faculty: Looking into the Future – unavailable

NP+PA Summer