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Infectious Disease: Maui Derm 2019 Highlights

In this session, Matt J. Zirwas, MD discussed the challenges of managing a range of contact dermatitis dilemmas, including: When to patch test and when to treat empirically Non-allergenic topicals Low allergenicity personal care products Allergen updates The explosion of contact dermatitis from essential oils Fragrances Change in which formaldehyde releasers are most common New […]

Infectious Disease: Maui Derm 2019 Highlights

Session moderator Ted Rosen, MD provided a thorough overview of the latest in infectious disease. Dr. Rosen discussed the arbovirus threat in the United States, including chikungunya and zika. Dr. Rosen also mentioned ongoing research on the potential oncolytic effects of the zika virus for neuroblastoma and glioblastoma. Yellow fever outbreak in Brazil and West […]

Cosmeceuticals: Maui Derm 2019 Highlights

In this session, three of the world’s leading authorities in the cosmeceutical arena, Drs. Carl Thornfeldt and Henry Lim discussed the latest innovations in technology and product development in the field of cosmeceuticals. Carl Thornfeldt, MD FAAD, RSM, educated attendees on selecting the best cosmeceutical, with an emphasis on herbs. Dr. Thornfeldt’s presentation covered such […]

Atopic Dermatitis: Maui Derm 2019 Highlights

Dramatic advances in our understanding of the immunology and pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis (AD) has resulted in the development of new and novel topical and systemic therapies. MauiDerm’s experts discussed new findings regarding the pathogenesis and comorbidities of AD. The spectrum of old and new topical therapies, such as crisaborole, and systemic therapies, including emerging […]

Evaluating and Treating Pruritus: Maui Derm 2019 Highlights

In this session, Sonja Ständer, MD and Gil Yosipovitch, MD, two of the world’s leading authorities on pruritus, discussed the pathophysiology and management of a wide variety of itch disorders. Topics discussed during the session presentations include: Important questions to ask an itchy patient Simple tools for assessing itch for the dermatologist and allergist Cases […]

Acne and Rosacea Update: Maui Derm 2019 Highlights

In this session, presenters discussed new drugs, new data, and new insights into acne and rosacea. Guy Webster, MD, PhD began his presentation by reviewing the case of a 17-year-old patient who experienced myalgia while taking isotretinoin, then elaborated on isotretinoin and muscle damage and how he handles these cases. He also reviewed the very […]

Psoriasis Update: Maui Derm 2019 Highlights

Maui Derm’s panel of leading authorities discussed a number of topics related to psoriasis, including the “metabolic” impact of psoriasis, new topical and systemic drugs in 2019, psoriatic arthritis, and the immunology and genetics of psoriasis. Andrew Blauvelt, MD, MBA, focused his presentation on new translational psoriasis research. Dr. Blauvelt discussed important clinical questions in […]

Pediatric Dermatology: Maui Derm 2019 Highlights

In this session, Maui Derm’s expert panel of dermatologists covered a wide range of topics in pediatric dermatology. Among those experts were Sheila Fallon-Friedlander, MD, and Ilona Frieden, MD. Dr. Fallon-Friedlander began her presentation with a discussion of rare cases of Spitz nevi in children and strategies when encountering Spitz nevi in pediatric patients under […]

Pigmented Lesion Clinic: Maui Derm 2019 Highlights

In this session, several challenging clinical cases involving pigmented lesions that challenged our experts were presented. Critical issues vital to the practicing dermatologist were discussed, including congenital and Spitz nevi, management of dysplastic/atypical nevi, genetic testing and surgical management of melanoma, and therapies for metastatic melanoma. Session moderator Hensin Tsao, MD, PhD discussed the clinical […]

Cutaneous Oncology: Maui Derm 2019 Highlights

In the first cutaneous oncology session of the meeting, George Martin, MD, Brian Berman, MD, PhD, Ted Rosen, MD, and Neal Bhatia, MD provided attendees with their presentation, Actinic Keratosis Update and Pearls 2019. To start the presentation, the importance of treating every AK due to the inability to predict which AKs will eventuate into […]